We were the Kings and Queens of promise
"I think a lot of people would rather stay home and play a video game these days then go to a rock show.” Jared about festivals

"You can make your own lyrics, make them as dirty as you want"

"A dash of chaos, a tea spoon of insanity… We’re gonna bake a pretty mean rock’n’roll cake.”

"What I wanted to create with music was a sense of community"

"The lights go down and we march onto the stage-it's one of the most magical things you could imagine doing"

"We create the world, rather than just support it"

"We would always do our best to avoid a fight, but sometimes it's important to stand up for what you believe in."

"One of our biggest accomplishments, I think, is this giant, crazy, beautiful, dysfunctional family that´s out there"

"Echelon..it´s not for everyone. It´s only for those who understand. And that´s fine with us."

ох..эти цитаты...))):shy::shy: а они же сказанные самим Джаредом Лето...

люблю его группу и голос его)))** песни хорошие , приятные с глубоким смыслом... ну а про их внешний вид я и говорить не буду))** а то начну опять фанючит...:shuffle::shuffle: ведь так дело не пойдет....

пошла смотреть клипы«не удержалась..блин»:kapit::kapit:....
всё побежала:shuffle2::shuffle2:

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